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Awkward Coffee Shop Flirting
Next time you’re drinking your morning cappuccino, try livening things up a bit by using some urban improv and flirting with the person sitting across the room from you.
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This is my kind of talent show, full of acts that show plenty of promise…for exploding into goo that is.
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In this video from YouTube channel To Catch a Cheater we meet girlfriend Vanessa, a World of Warcraft gamer, who wants to test her boyfriend’s loyalty when she’s not around and temptation looms its ugly head.
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Winning a grand for a single half-court swoosh might sound pretty tricky, but this guy makes it look easy. So easy in fact that he cranks up the power and gets the wedged. Still gets the dough though. Like a boss.
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Maybe motorcycle burnouts are just a lot harder than they look but here is another dude attempting to burnout the back tire of his motorcycle only to get dragged across the parking lot.
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This guy is real good.. I wonder if even he knows what he's trying to say...-LOL
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Desperate times call for desperate measures, just make sure your buddies are the ones to try them. These Canadian fisherman are not having any luck so they send two men out to try and locate the fish. WTF!?!
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The guys from Improv Everywhere turn a carousel full of little kids into a competitive horse race complete with commentators, a trumpet player and a crowd that just gawp on in a “lol-wut?” kind of way.
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This super nerd brings together a levitating superconductor and a bewildering Möbius strip made from over 2,000 magnets which allows it to seemingly float both above and below the track. It’s witchcraft.
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If you can't watch Quentin Tarantino's most iconic movie without thinking that certain things wouldn't go down like that in the real world, then HISHE have got your back. Here's their take on Pulp Fiction.
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If you're a C&C fan and enjoy cutting edge graphics then this might just be awesome enough to moisten your trousers. It's probably just a mashup but here's hoping this is an actual work-in-progress mod.
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