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Awkward Coffee Shop Flirting
Next time you’re drinking your morning cappuccino, try livening things up a bit by using some urban improv and flirting with the person sitting across the room from you.
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Relatively little is known about hedgehogs. We know that if they're blue they can run really fast and have crappy cartoons made about them, but other than that, science is failing us. Thanks to ZeFrank for these facts.
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Sometimes you stare at danger and laugh, sometimes it's the other way around. This kid takes a tough dive after attempting a rather small jump on his dirtbike. What a complete idiot.
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The Groupon said $25 for $100 worth of tree cutting services, but it was really only $25 worth.
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The end of the month always signifies the coming of a decent fail compilation and it's a habit i could get used to!. It's time to enjoy the misfortunes of others from the comfort of your safe & secure laptop.
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Hanging out in zero gravity with cats & blowing their tiny feline minds is always fun. Scientific experiments on cats have never been so much fun. Well, except for the cosmetic testing. Nothing's funnier than cats wearing lipstick.
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With a booty like that I'm surprised this car hasn't gone into light speed. But what a sight for saw eyes this is.
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Christians get hysterical about yoga being the work of the devil, if they mean hot chicks in Lycra, then surely yoga's the work of the Lord. WTF!?!
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When 4chan get involved in a Flash Mob, you know you’re done for. Best thing to do is to retreat into digital form & hide out in the internets until they’ve gone. OMG!
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Good to see professionals at work and doing a smart job. The next thing he reads will probably be an X-Ray. You, sir, should've napped on the job like the rest of us.
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Russell Brand is no stranger to playing pranks over the phone, so he’s more than game when Graham Norton challenges him to phone a sex line pretending to be Aladdin. Queue lots of oo-er missus jokes.
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